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Training Programme

The CIBERobn Training Programme is a result of the need to establish a structured plan comprising teaching and related activities which:

  • Allow improving the degree of knowledge and skills of CIBER group members, in particular in our youngest members.
  • Integrate a vision of the research from various viewpoints: clinical, basic, population, and knowledge transfer.
  • Improve professional competency, allowing the adaptation to future CIBER research work needs.
  • Enable the incorporation of talented young people in biomedical research, health sciences or evaluation of health-related technologies.

A Training Plan of this type must contemplate:

  • Training needs analysis
  • The purpose of the training activities and the target population
  • Correct organization and prioritization of the various training activities
  • Traceability defined by annual compliance and progress indicators

Furthermore, the Training Programme must adapt to the actual needs and circumstances of CIBER staff members, of the actual lines and priorities of their research, and, of course, of patient care speed and demands in the healthcare system. In addition, besides these general adaptations, the Programme must take into account the peculiarities characteristic of the Obesity and Nutrition area.

The CIBERobn Training Programme targets all members of its groups given that the need for continuous training is universal. However, the Programme is fundamentally aimed, as is logical, at the youngest team members, as the objectives are to promote obesity and nutrition researcher training and to help consolidate their professional career as independent researchers in this subject area.

Given the nature of this programme, the members of the groups forming CIBERobn could request funding under this area for funding only those training activities that facilitate research (basic, clinical, epidemiological and in health services) relating to the lines of research of the subjects comprised in CIBERobn.

Although it is understood that the development of the aforementioned activities has allowed covering part of the CIBERobn training mission in the areas of Obesity and Nutrition, consistent with the information laid out in its by-laws as a Networking Biomedical Research Centre, it is also considered that now is the time to place greater emphasis on this area (as indicated in the CIBERobn evaluation), allowing implementation of a Training Programme per se, which on one hand is part of a more comprehensive training offer for CIBERobn members and which on the other hand can be useful as a tool for transforming this centre into a national, and eventually international reference in relation to training activities in the area of obesity and nutrition applied to health.

The CIBERobn Training Programme focuses on the following programmes:

Programme for increasing interest in research in the physiopathology of obesity and nutrition

  • Training for young/emerging researchers
  • PhD dissertations in Obesity and Nutrition
  • Internships in CIBERobn laboratories
  • CIBERobn young researcher orientation and publicity

CIBERobn Research Initiation and Continuation Grant Programme

  • CIBERobn research initiation aid
  • CIBERobn research continuation aid
  • Intensification of professional healthcare specialists

CIBERobn Mobility Programme

  • Intra-CIBER mobility
  • Extra-CIBER mobility
  • CIBERobn-Company mobility

CIBERobn Higher Education Activities Programme

  • Post-grad training activities
  • Training in New Obesity and Nutrition Frontiers
  • Support for related specialised courses

CIBERobn Technical and Management Training Programme

  • Training for technical and related staff
  • Training for research management and administrative staff

Additionally, the Plan contemplates implementing a programme for the Evaluation and Follow-up of the Quality of CIBERobn Training Activities.

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