About Us

The Consorcio Centro de Investigación Biomédica en Red, M.P. (CIBER) is a consortium that depends on Instituto de Salud Carlos III (Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad). Its Obesity and Nutrition subject area (CIBEROBN), consisting of 33 national work groups who have proven scientific excellence, focuses its research work on the study of obesity, nutrition and physical exercise for the purpose of generating useful knowledge for clinical practice, the food industry and society as a whole. It also works on the benefits of the Mediterranean diet, the prevention of metabolic disorders, the childhood and adolescent obesity and the relation between obesity and cancer.

The six corporate research programmes are: Nutrition; Adipobiology; Complications of Obesity and Childhood Obesity; Neurocognition and Environmental-Biological Factors; New Strategies and Biomarkers; and Body Weight Homeostasis Physiopathology.

Created in 2006 under Instituto de Salud Carlos III, CIBEROBN’s work targets the study of obesity, nutrition and physical exercise, as well as the genetics of obesity and the body weight homeostasis regulating factors. The group also works on the Mediterranean diet and the prevention of metabolic disorders that may affect health.