Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

Mission and Objectives

CIBERobn’s mission is to promote the understanding of mechanisms contributing to the development of obesity in order to reduce its occurrence and prevalence as well as its complications, in addition to nutrition-related diseases. Through leadership in translational biomedical research, CIBERobn integrates basic, clinical, epidemiological and public health research, provides medical care and promotes public awareness about obesity and nutrition, to become a reference research centre that has the competitive potential of being internationalised and to provide R&D&I consulting services to pharmaceutical companies, food companies and the nation’s health authorities.

Through its work in physiopathology of obesity and nutrition and related diseases, the CIBERobn consortium seeks to:

  • Gain national and international recognition;
  • Organise a well-established network of research groups and associates for the purpose of achieving maximum scientific benefit
  • Increase scientific knowledge and be a useful tool for a healthcare transformation in our society

CIBERobn is a networking cooperative structure consisting of 31 groups located in some of the most important research centres in Spain. These groups are divided into six Research Programmes in which projects are carried out. Through multidisciplinary work, we are able to pool our efforts, optimise resources and take maximum advantage of generated knowledge to transfer it to clinical practice and, ultimately, to offer it to patients and to society as a whole.

Specific goals of CIBERobn consist of:

  • Conducting joint research, development and innovation programmes in obesity and nutrition
  • Contributing to solving healthcare issues relating to this field
  • Promoting participation in national research activities, especially those included in the European Framework Programmes for R&D&I
  • Favouring the transfer of the results of research processes to society in general and to the productive sector in particular
  • Fomenting the dissemination of activities and training of researchers in the field of Physiopathology of Obesity and Nutrition