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Webinar: "The coming of age of precision nutrition"

jueves, 22 de abril de 2021

Dr. José M. Ordovás: Senior Scientist, leader of the Nutrition and Genomics Team at the USDA-HNRC at Tufts University, Boston (USA), and senior researcher at IMDEA Food, Madrid.


Coming of age is a young person's transition from being a child to being an adult. What I want to communicate is that finally precision nutrition has grown up and for that reason, it cannot be treated or behave as a child anymore. This implies more scientific rigour and more real and translatable results.


Dr Ordovás is a Professor of Nutrition and Genetics and a Senior Scientist at the Human Nutrition Research Centre in Ageing (HNRCA) at Tufts University in Boston, and Director of the Nutrition and Genomics Laboratory. Also, he is the Director of the Precision Nutrition and Obesity Program and Group leader of the Nutritional Genomics and Epigenomics Group at IMDEA Food, Madrid. He graduated from the University of Zaragoza and did postdoctoral work at the MIT, Harvard and Tufts. He has published over 700 scientific articles in peer review journals (h-index 92) and written numerous reviews and books.

In this regard, he is considered one of the most distinguished world experts in gene-diet interactions related to cardiovascular traits. Throughout his career, Dr. Ordovás has received multiple honors for his scientific achievements. He has been awarded an honorary degree in Medicine from the University of Córdoba in Spain and he is Member of the Royal Academies of Sciences, Medicine, Nutrition and Pharmacy. 

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