P3 - Complications of Obesity and Childhood Obesity


Morbidity and mortality associated with obesity is fundamentally linked to diseases with which it is associated. An increase in cardiovascular risk in obese subjects has been reported repeatedly, but many of the mechanisms by means of which this occurs are yet to be clarified. The direct effect of adipose tissue on arteriosclerosis is a current issue, although this increase in cardiovascular risk is primarily based on the increase of other cardiovascular risk factors associated with the obesity (hypertension, dyslipemia, etc.). A sedentary lifestyle and other types of lifestyles are fundamental factors in the onset of obesity, but new environmental factors are starting to emerge to explain the spectacular increase in the prevalence of obesity in the past few decades. Among such factors, this programme is studying changes in microbiota, environmental pollutants, etc. Cancer is another one of the pathologies linked to the increased morbidity and mortality in obese subjects, and the mechanisms by which this association occurs is a current issue. In these diseases associated with obesity continuous breakthroughs are taking place that make it necessary to update clinical practice guidelines, and this work will return to society the investments made by different countries in bio-health research.

The study of childhood obesity and prevention strategies is now a bio-health field of extreme interest.

General Objective

To study mechanisms that explain the development of diseases associated with obesity causing considerable morbidity and mortality, and to establish clinical practice guidelines for approaching these patients and the study of new and conventional environmental factors participating in the onset of obesity and its complications, and to assess the effect of intervention strategies.

To conduct clinical and basic research on childhood obesity, including growth and development aspects as well as body composition, biochemical, hormonal, metabolic, puberal, reproductive function and genetic aspects.

Attached Groups

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López-Miranda, José Fundación para la Investigación Biomédica de Córdoba (FIBICO) Andalucía View group
Tinahones Madueño, Francisco Fundación Pública Andaluza para la Investigacion de Málaga en Biomedicina y Salud (FIMABIS) Andalucía View group
Palou Oliver, Andreu Universidad de las Islas Baleares Islas Baleares View group
Lurbe Ferrer, Empar Consorcio Hospital General Universitario Valencia C. Valenciana View group
Fernández-Real Lemos, José Manuel Fundación Instituto de Investigacion Biomédica de Girona Cataluña View group
Casanueva Freijo, Felipe Servicio Gallego de Salud Galicia View group
Fernández-Aranda, Fernando Fundación IDIBELL Cataluña View group
Villarroya Gombau, Francesc Universidad de Barcelona Cataluña View group
Botella Arbona, Cristina Universidad Jaume I C. Valenciana View group
Fiol Sala, Miguel Universidad de las Islas Baleares Islas Baleares View group
Argente Oliver, Jesús Servicio Madrileño de Salud Madrid View group
Diéguez González, Carlos Universidad de Santiago de Compostela Galicia View group
Tena Sempere, Manuel Universidad de Córdoba Andalucía View group
Frühbeck Martínez, Gema Universidad de Navarra Navarra View group
Estruch Riba, Ramón Hospital Clínico y Provincial De Barcelona Cataluña View group
Ros Rahola, Emilio Hospital Clínico y Provincial De Barcelona Cataluña View group
Covas Planells, María Isabel Consorci Mar Parc Salut De Barcelona Cataluña View group
Corella Piquer, Dolores Universidad de Valencia C. Valenciana View group
Lapetra-Peralta, José Fundación Pública Andaluza para la Gestion de la Investigacion en Salud de Sevilla Andalucía View group
Salas Salvadó, Jordi Fundación Instituto de Investigacion Sanitaria Pere Virgili Cataluña View group